How to Reduce The Risk of Personal Injury From Trucking Accidents

Truck driving is a dangerous profession. These enormous 18-wheeled giants of the road dwarf even large vehicles. It’s no wonder that car drivers feel nervous around semi-trucks.


Truck drivers account for some of the most severe accidents on the highways. Many of these accidents are deadly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, in 2012 there were 3,921 fatalities due to truck related motor accidents —an increase of  3.7%  from the year before. Such tragic losses beg us to consider how to take extra caution when driving these big-rigs and sharing the road with them.

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As a bellevue car accident attorney, many of the truck accident victims that my law firm and other attorneys represent suffer permanent personal injury from an everyday drive that they never thought could transform their lives. Many victims acknowledge that, in retrospect, knowing how to properly share the road with semi-trucks may have made all the difference.

Here are tips to help educate drivers on the proper etiquette for sharing the highways:

Have a healthy respect:

  • Respect size and speed— remember that in a small car, or even a large car, you are still tiny in comparison to a truck.

  • Yield — no matter what.

  • Be patient when trucks slow while going uphill

  • Carefully watch for indication the truck needs to change lanes

  • Big trucks do not slow quickly — avoid sudden stops.

Maintaining distance:

  • If you cannot see a truck driver in their side mirrors, they cannot see you.

  • Try to maintain three car lengths (or more) behind a truck.

  • Never tailgate or draft a truck.

  • Never cut-off any vehicle — but especially not a truck

  • Avoid driving near trucks in high winds, as they’ve been known to blow over in severe gusts


  • Pass on the left

  • While passing, do not pull back into the right lane until the entire truck is visible in your rear view mirror.

  • After passing, maintain speed. Do not abruptly slow down.

  • Stay out of the no-zone areas to the sides and rear of trucks

Other cautions:

  • Never drive while distracted or otherwise impaired

  • Know that trucks take wide turns and provide room for them

  • Avoid tire debris

  • Use caution on sloppy or wet roads that can cause you or a truck to slide

  • Keep an eye out for oncoming trucks from the other lane

Trucks are dangerous, and should always be treated with caution and respect. If you are unfortunate enough to experience an accident involving a semi, contact a knowledgeable attorney or lawyer that has experience with such motor vehicle accidents. It can make all the difference to your settlement. To learn more about trucking accidents, visit bellevue commerical trucking accident attorney.